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Today's tidbit:

The CORPORATION is a bloodthirsty monster which man has created, an animal that has the capacity to grow to immense dimensions, but without the benefit of having a soul. 

Corporations may act responsible, even friendly at times, but ultimately, most have only one goal: PROFIT, and no other.  To this end, many corporations lie, cheat, pervert, blackmail, torture, murder and commit genocide and biocide on massive scales.  Other corporations are beneficial.  This begs the question:

Where are the checks and balances, to reward the good and prevent catastrophe?

With our planet getting smaller each day, one aspect of Human Survival is becoming clearer: regardless of borders, humans as a whole need to gain the ability to limit the destructive tendencies of our own species and the structures and devices we create.

The CORPORATION is a Bloodthirsty MONSTER which man has created.

Non-Violence Preferred


We have survived our discovery of fire; we have (so far) survived splitting the atom. It remains to be seen whether we will, as a self-destructive culture, survive the phenonena of the mega-corporation.

It has been said, "Small is Beautiful."   While that is still true, today, "Non-Violent is Preferred."   That leaves out McDonald's (aren't you hungry for death in the rainforests?), Micro$oft (blackmail any other megacorporations lately?), ENRON (hey, I know! Let's all stuff millions into our pockets as we sway politicians, bankrupt California and wreck all our employee's lives -- it'll be fun!),  Arthur Anderson (trust us - heh, heh) and many other greed-run-amok villans.  

The worst part?   It's people.  Soilent Green, um, I mean, Corporations are made out of people!   Running a corparation, like posting on Internet newgroups, seems to bring out the worst in people.  Worse, the very people who perpetrate the biggest crimes have often arranged to wriggle out of being held accountable.


What can we do to surviveOpen ours eyes a little wider each day.  Then, step carefully -- there are at least 50 million landmines worldwide, though most of them are in someone else's backyard.  And that's only the physical plane manifestation of money-control-and-greed-before-people mentality that rules far too many missguided minds today.  There are so many dangers... how do we dare to actually live?

Just live.   Just Love.  

Find one little way, today, right now; then do it -- love a little.  Tomorrow, love a little more.  Look outside yourself.  Wake up!

The speak up.  Volunteer.  Oppose tyranny and injustice.  Put your love into action.

If we do, then our children's children's children just might survive.

Just Live, Just Love.

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